4.3" KBT-11WA CNC Horizontal Boring Mill


4.3" KBT-11WA CNC Horizontal Boring Mill


Kuraki CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine Model : KBT-11W.A with Fanuc 31i-A5 control


TRAVELS:  X  79.74" - Y 59.06" - Z 57.09" - W 19.69"

TABLE:  55.12" x 62.99" with 14,300 lbs. Load Capacity

SPINDLE SPEEDS:  5 ~ 3000 rpm ( 3 Speed Geared Head)

TOOL CHANGER:  40 tools with 50 Spindle Taper

MAIN MOTOR:  AC 30 / 25 HP (30min/cont.)

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Machine specifications


. X axis travel (Table longitudinal)                     78.74”

. Y axis travel (Spindle vertical)                          59.06”

. Z axis travel (Table cross)                                57.09"

. W axis travel (Spindle axial)                             19.69"

. Table top ~ spindle center                                0 ~ 59.06”

. Table center ~ spindle nose                            21.65 ~ 78.74"


. Table work space                                               55.12" x 62.99"

. Table maximum loading capacity            14300 lbs

. Table top profile                                     0.87" x 7 pc's T-slot

. Table auto indexing                                0.001 degree / full B axis

                                                                            (Every 90 deg indexing by mechanical locate pin)

Spindle head

. Boring spindle diameter                          4.33"

. Spindle speed (for every 1 rpm)               5 ~ 3000 rpm

. Spindle speed change range                   3 steps

. Spindle taper                                         7/24 taper No. 50


. Rapid traverse                                       472.44 in/min - X, Y, Z axis

                                                                236.22 in/min - W axis

. Feedrate                                               0.04 ~ 236.22 in/min

. Table(B) revolution                                  2.0 rpm


. Tool shank                                             CAT No. 50

. Pull stud                                                MAS P50T-1 (45 deg)

. Tool storage capacity                              40 pc’s

. Max. tool diameter                                  4.92” - full pots

                                                              9.45" - vacant adjacent pots           

. Max. tool length                                      15.75”

. Max. tool weight                                      55 lbs

. Tool selection                                          At random


. Spindle motor                                          AC 30 / 25 HP (30min/cont.)

. Feed motor                                              AC 5.7 HP - X, Y axis

                                                                     AC 12.0 HP - Z axis

                                                                     AC 5.2 HP - W axis

                                                                     AC 5.4 HP - B axis


. Power capacity                                           64 kVA

. Air pressure source                                     0.5 MPa

                                                                        400 NL/min (atm.)


. Machine height                                           155.51"

. Floor space                                                189.76 x 232.28"

. Machine weight                                           63800 lbs


US standard accessories

. Coil type chip conveyor

. Spindle cooling device

. Chip cover for slide ways

. Manual pulse generator

. Work light & signal light

. Power shut off device

. Manual spindle speed setting device

. Monolever type jog feed

. Scale feedback system (X, Y, Z and B axis)

. Self-diagnosis function

. Tool & tool box for reassembly

. Leveling block and foundation plate

. Door interlock for EC cabinet

. Coolant thru spindle interface for Chip Blaster JV10 coolant unit

  (Center thru type / max. 700 PSI / NOT include coolant unit with transfer pump)

. Coolant device with lift up chip conveyor

. Splash guard type A (table guards)

. Helical interpolation

. Tool offset 200 pairs

. Tool offset memory C

. Rigid tapping

. Part program storage length 2560 m

. Skip function

. Actual spindle display on LCD

. 125 Registered programs


Optional accessories & specifications

Centering system automatic type (Renishaw probing system)

Chip Blaster JV10 coolant unit with transfer pump

Splash guard type B (ATC & operator guards)


Fanuc 31i-A5 standard specifications

Programs can be stored in folders

Reference point shift

Linear acceleration/deceleration after cutting feed interpolation

Diameter and radius programming

Programmable data/parameter input

Tool length measurement

Extended tape edit

.Control axis

5 axes (X,Y,Z,W,B axis)

.Simultaneously controlled 4 axis

.Control axes expansion

.Simultaneously controlled axes expansion

[Program input]

.Least input increment  0.0001" (X,Y,Z,W axis),  0.001 deg (B axis)

.Interpolation increment  0.00002" (X,Y,Z,W axis), 0.0005 deg (B axis)

.Max. programmable dimension  +/- 8 digits

.Absolute / increment programming (combined use in same block)

.Tape code EIA/ISO auto recognition

.Decimal point programming / pocket calculator type decimal point programming

.Inch / metric change

[Interpolation function]

.Positioning (Linear interpolation type positioning is possible)

.Liner interpolation

.Multi-quadrant circular interpolation

.Tangential speed constant control

.Helical interpolation

.Bell-shaped acc / dec after cutting feed interpolation

.Feedrate clamp based on arc radius

[Feed functions]

.Auto corner override

.Feed per minute

.Rapid traverse


.Rapid traverse override (F0, 25, 50, 100%)

.Feedrate override 0 ~ 240% (every 10%)

.Exact stop, Exact stop mode, Cutting mode, Tapping mode,

.Manual handle feed 1 unit

[Program storage & editing]

.Part program storage length 2560 m

.Number of registerable program 125

.Part program editing

.Background editing

.Program name 32 characters

.Program number 4 digit

.Program number search

.Sequence number N8 digit

.Sequence number search

.Main program / sub program

[Operation display]

.LCD / MDI panel 10.4” color LCD

.Clock function

.Run hour and parts count display

.Load meter display

.Alarm message display

.Alarm history display

.Operation history display

.Periodic maintenance screen

.Maintenance information screen

.Actual spindle speed display on LCD

[Data input / output functions]

.Reader / puncher interface 1

.Screen hard copy

.Memory card interface

.Ethernet built-in

[S. M. T functions]

.S function

.T function

.M function

[Tool compensation]

.Tool length compensation

.Cutter compensation C

.Tool offset 200 pairs

.Tool offset memory C

.Tool length measurement

[Coordinate system]

.Reference point return manual / auto (G27, G28, G29)

.2nd reference point return

.Machine co-ordinate system selection (G53)

.Workpiece co-ordinate system selection (G54 ~ G59)

.Workpiece co-ordinate system setting (G92)

.Workpiece co-ordinate system preset (G92.1)

.Local co-ordinate system setting (G52)

[Operation help functions]

.Program stop

.Optional stop

.Single block

.Optional block skip 1 pc

.Dry run

.All axes machine lock

.Z, W axis command cancel

.Auxiliary function lock

.Mirror image (setting and M command)

.Programmable data input

.Programmable parameter input

.Help function

.Program restart

[Program help functions]

.Circular interpolation by R programming

.Canned cycle (G73, G74, G76, G80 ~ G89, G98, G99)

.Rigid tapping

.Workpiece reference point auto calculationg - G111

.Z, W axis auto coordinate system - G143

[Precision compensation]

.Stored pitch error compensation

.Backlash compensation for each rapid traverse and cutting feed

.Single direction positioning

[Maintenance & Safety]


.Stored stroke check 1

.Self-diagnosis function

.Maintenance screen

[Machine help functions]

.Buffer register


Fanuc 31i-A5 optional specifications

Addition of tool offset total 200 pairs

Addition of tool offset total 400 pairs

Addition of work coordinate system total 48 pairs

Addition of work coordinate system total 300 pairs

Automatic corner deceleration

Coordinate system rotation

High speed skip function

Number of extended registerable programs total 200

Number of extended registerable programs total 400

Number of extended registerable programs total 1000

Polar coordinate command

Part program storage 5120M

Programmable mirror image

6th Interface for Tsudakoma CNC rotary table

CS Control

Custom Macro B